christoph mayer chm.:
concept, realization, head of project

Born in Linz / Upper Austria. University of the Arts, Berlin (class of Rebecca Horn), Academy of Arts Vienna (master class of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Heimo Zobernig). Worked in the field of experimental dance. Studies abroad in North America, Japan, Syria. Conception and realization: Art and museum projects in psychiatry / psycho therapy Zschadraß, Germany (permanent exhibition), numerous solo and group exhibitions in Austria and abroad, among others Secession Vienna, Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Centro d´arte Contemporaneo Santiago de Compostela, Gemäldegalerie am Kulturforum and Sophiensäle, Berlin.

Andreas Hagelüken:
co-director, dramaturgy and audio-production
Works as radio author, journalist und free-lance editor in Berlin and Freiburg. Awards among others 1992 for the project „Music in concentration camps“ with the project team by the same name.

Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt:
Works as a composer for film, radio play and theater music in the Spreewald. Singer in the band Sandow. Several working journeys to Treblinka, Sobibor, Auschwitz and other concentration camps. Received the Prix Marulic and was nominated for the German Film Award.

Jule Böwe: voice

Jörg Theil: outdoor recording

Jörg Höhne, Robin Pohle, Sven Serfling: sounddesign

Carsten Richter: foley artist

Rudolf Haunschmied, Gedenkdienstkomitee Gusen, Bertrand Perz, Lars Labitzke: history consulting

Clava Grimm: psychological consulting

Luis Wohlmuther: organization

Rudolf Lehner: project-manager cultural association "Tribüne St. Georgen"

Thomas Bold, Siegi Lehner: finance and controlling

Lisa Shoemaker: translation

Petra Mayer: proofreading

die jungs kommunkation - Martin Lengauer & Stefan Kranewitter: public relations (

Thanks to:

Aleida Assmann, Henriette Barck, Kristina Bauer-Volke, Janet Cardiff, Anna Egidy, Martha Gammer, Kai Grehn, Katharina Grimm, Tamara Grimm, Linda Ottow, Elisabeth Pozzi-Tanner, Institut für Traumatherapie Berlin, HOTEL PAPA + MAMA, Siegi Lehner, Stefan Klemp, Musa und Momo Kohlschmidt, Reinhold Mayer, Renate Mayer, Sabine Michel, Österreichisches Bundesheer, Peter Raue, Johannes Riedl, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Sein und Silvi Schmidt, Harald Welzer, Katrin Warnstedt, Thomas Wendrich, Siegi Witzany-Durda, Oliver Wurzer, u.v.a.

Special thanks to all interview-partners who talked about – and revealed – a piece of their own history and their personal views.

With a prayer for the souls of the dead.